Study within the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom remains home to some of the world’s most renowned universities. Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, UCL – each of these institutions, amongst others, speak of the eminence and distinction of the British Educational system, providing both domestic and international students with access to world-class teaching, research, and facilities without peer. Britain’s education system is well-respected for its academic excellence, recognised world-wide, and highly sought after by employers around the globe, with graduates of British universities being amongst the most successful within the postgraduate arena.

By studying in the United Kingdom, one can gain highly-valued qualifications and access exciting opportunities to progress your career. The country’s rich history and culture, economic status and international standing creates the perfect environment for graduates to gain a competitive edge and stand out from the crowd.

The UK is a vibrant and welcoming place to study and meet new friends. Students enjoy immersing themselves in the buzz of London’s multicultural city life, sampling its top fashion, famous theatres, music and sport, and experiencing the natural beauty of the coast and countryside. The UK is also a gateway to European travel.

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Angloslav International offers exclusive, discreet, and highly-professional services including: Guardianship, School / University entrance, Career Planning, Academic Coaching, and Personal Development.

We are proud of our innovative services which reflect our values ensuring that each student, from the earliest age, benefits from personalised support from our friendly caring team to help them feel at home, nurture their talents, bring out their best qualities and enhance their future.

We offer a trusted legal guardianship service for parents with children at UK schools. Utilise our expertise, insight and enthusiasm to help students discover their passions and plan their education. We prepare and support them through every stage, ensuring every step brings them closer to their dreams.

Our expert team is dedicated to helping each student achieve their full potential. We have a network of high-calibre tutors and academic coaches and offer the latest techniques in confidence and performance coaching, life coaching, motivational training, and career assistance.

For over 20 years we have taken care of hundreds of students from Russia, Ukraine Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Chechnya, France, Germany, Holland and Israel. We welcome enquiries from anywhere in the world.


Angloslav’s Director of Music is Hosting a Concert

We are delighted to announce that our Director of Music Evelina De Lain, who helps our students to develop their musical talent, is launching the album “Soul Journey” at this supremely central venue, situated minutes from Buckingham Palace

Virtuoso pianist and composer Evelina De Lain is a unique and multi-faceted artist, effectively blending classical performance, contemporary classical composition and jazz interpretation into an innovative and compelling concert style.

Five-time Emmy Award winning composer MARK WATTERS called her ‘a unique creation’ that is rapidly inventing her own genre’, while legendary American jazz singer TONY BENNETT said that her ‘jazz interpretations stopped him in his tracks”.

More information and concert details can be found here: Evelina De Lain Concert