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At Angloslav, we are privileged to count Ms. Evelina De Lain as a member of our team and our eminent Director of Music.

Having begun her musical studies at the tender age of 5, by the age of 14, through her natural gifts, Evelina found herself teaching music to younger students, coming in her university years to gain her musical diploma with distinction at the M. Glinka Musical Conservatoire of Dnipropetrovsk, specialising in solo piano, chamber music, and accompaniment. With a Bachelor’s degree in Piano and Chamber Ensemble, Evelina performs classical recitals with the same ease and aplomb as that which so defines her jazz and contemporary concerts. Having released three albums and two sheet music books, composed a ballet and with a new album on the way, Evelina has cemented her position as a fixture amongst the very echelons of the contemporary classical music scene, gaining international recognition by her avant-garde fusion of classical performance, contemporary classical composition and jazz interpretation melded, within her own innovative and compelling style.

Having participated in a wide array of A-List events including leading national exhibition openings and award galas, her recent achievements include recording as a hand double for the BBC series “Last Tango in Halifax”, performing at the opening of the Hollywood Costume exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum, playing at the “100 Most Influential Women in the UK” awards at the Saatchi gallery, in addition to touring the world from as far afield as Singapore to Alaska.

Evelina has performed for His Royal Highness Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall, Legendary musicians Tony Bennett, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, UK Prime Ministers John Major and David Cameron, former American Vice-President John Kerrey, The Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah, former Prime Minister of France Francois Fillon, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu, Oscar winning actors Dame Judy Dench, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, and countless more. With Five-time Emmy Award winning composer MARK WATTERS calling her ‘a unique creation’ that is ‘rapidly inventing her own genre’ and legendary American jazz singer TONY BENNETT declaring her ‘jazz interpretations [to have] stopped him in his tracks’, it is with the greatest of joy and pleasure that we are able to extend the services of this exceptional musician to our clientele

Musical Therapy

Yet, beyond her position as a qualified musical therapist, Evelina is also a unique and multi-faceted artist and educator, having created her own unique and pioneering programme of musical developmental therapy, meticulously tailored to the needs and requirements of each particular client. A certified professional in performance and symbolic coaching, within her signature space overlooking Tower Bridge and the river Thames, Evelina is able to create for our clientele an environment of manifest tranquillity and serenity that, concomitantly, both inspires and promotes an unparalleled release of tension, concern and anxiety. The “co-facilitator” in this therapy is the unique 91-year-old handmade blonde Bluthner grand that has been perfectly restored and yet preserved with its vintage qualities. The acoustics of the soundboard create vibrations within one’s body that in tandem, serve both to heal and inspire.

Within this private and enclosed setting Evelina conducts her programme of assistance, utilising her methodology to anchor desired outcomes and objectives through a bespoke medley of symphonic harmonies, securing those very peak states that shall help to identify and achieve one’s goals whilst unlocking those aspirations, that may have formerly lain cast aside.

Each session starts with a conversation wherein one outlines their desired outcomes and current challenges whilst Evelina helps to clearly outline your present goals and useful peak states. You shall then proceed to lie down on a soft velvet bed carefully positioned directly beneath the Bluthner grand, and, with the gentle flow of music cascading from above, are lifted into another world of sound and vibration.

This experience may be further enhanced by enjoying an unobstructed view of the Thames and Tower Bridge from beneath the piano, or one may choose instead to lie back and hold onto the soundboard, so as to evoke a vibrational presence within the mind and body entire.

A description of Evelina’s services may be found below:

Coaching/Musical Therapy session

1 hour 30 minutes 

This session shall include 30 minutes of dedicated peak performance coaching, desired state coaching as well as objective anchoring, each underpinned by a holistic engagement of the mind and body through an exact and bespoke use of musical therapy. The change of state that shall be elicited and mental detachment from those burdens that encumber so many students prior to examinations or important periods of assessment, will render the student both revived and renewed, ready to face with confidence and clarity, those challenges that may stand before them.

This one-and-a-half-hour session shall facilitate an identification of individual problems and obstacles to be overcome through an animation of the mind and body in music. The session shall also help to find and fix in place a sense of direction for those yet to determine their chosen academic and, indeed, future professional paths.

Exam/Event Preparation

1 hour 30 minutes 

This session can prepare both adults and children for an upcoming examination or event that may be a cause for the onset of great stress and anxiety. Whether nervous, worried, unsure or frustrated, the consummate state of relaxation and calm that shall wash over student and professional alike under the dulcet tones of harmony communed by the signature antique grand used by Evelina, represents a unique and innovative method by which one may establish both lasting definition and a clarity of insight regarding oncoming tasks at hand.

The attainment of a state that may enable one’s peak performance remains an elusive quality, but one that through this session, is definitively placed within the firmest of reach.

A copy of each post-sessional recording shall also be given to each client upon completion.


Music Mentorship Programme

Evelina works with students of all ages, from children as young as 10 years of age and beyond. Her original approach to teaching allows her pupils to start playing their favourite tunes from their very first lessons. Evelina adroitly adapts her methods (fusing elements of the Suzuki and Dalcroze piano schools) and teaching plans to help every student in the most expedient manner, and can prepare children and teenagers for both all ABRSM examinations or live performances, whilst providing consummate instruction in those assessments and preparations mandated for entry into the foremost schools of music and their scholarship programmes.

Jazz, classical, folk and popular genres are all subtly bound together in her lessons, providing each student with a foundation of rare parallel that cannot but help to inspire them to reach beyond their greatest horizons.

The programme of musical instruction may include the following:

  • Determining ability and musical aptitude – rhythm, aural, pitch / preparation of a plan for musical study (elementary to advanced level);
  • Assistance in choosing a programme and preparation towards assessment for any grade of ABRSM examination;
  • Musical aptitude tests;
  • Master-classes for students of all levels;
  • Preparation for entrance examinations to leading music colleges;
  • Production of music projects;
  • Performance coaching and stage confidence development, including determination of individual abilities for composition and improvisation;
  • Elevation of personal performance style.

Yet beyond this, Evelina’s mentorship may also be tailored to help facilitate a given student’s aspirations within the professional music arena. This particular aspect of mentorship would also focus upon development of the following cardinal qualities:

  • Assessment of music career potential;
  • Parental coaching to assist with their children’s musical studies;
  • Selection of dedicated programmes and the development of a bespoke teaching plan;
  • Live Concert support – organisation, PR and marketing advice.