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Dancing, what a simple and timeless pleasure it remains, but one that also possesses and yields untold benefits in both the maintenance of our physical wellbeing, yet also, more importantly, in the continued development of our mental aptitude and capability. Extracurricular activities, indeed precisely such as those as dancing, by virtue of its unique fusion of physical rigour and mental discipline, remain fundamental to our ability to keep our minds healthy and agile, serving both to complement and cement much of what is learnt in the classroom and beyond.

Recognising the seminal importance of this activity and in our continued efforts to remain at the very forefront of educational developments, we are immensely privileged to announce the unveiling of a new programme of dance therapy to be made available to our clientele, entitled, ‘Redarmony’. Created and led by esteemed and award winning dance teacher, Vladimir Kozhevnikov, possessing over a decade of experience, the past five years have witnessed Vladimir’s prized involvement in the development of a unique programme of dance therapy and instruction, dedicated to instilling within each participant a disciplined and fervent focus that may be readily channelled ceaselessly within to obtaining a multitude of varying aspirations, from academic excellence to sporting prowess. A winner in 2010 of the inaugural Ukrainian national talent competition, ‘Ukraine does not Believe in Tears’, ‘Украина слезам не верит’, judged by legendary Ukrainian singer, performer, and People’s Artist of Ukraine, Ani Lorak, Vladimir utilizes his natural talents and unyielding wealth of experience to consummately hone and nurture those gifts and abilities, yet to be unlocked within each of his students.

Conceived in 2016, ‘Redarmony’ includes expert instruction in several dance practices as well as breathing exercises, which, through a catalogue of unique combinations, come together to form a truly pioneering form of dance therapy. Upon commencement, for each participant a personal regime is created, dependent upon those goals and tasks as set forth by the student. Formed upon a basis that examines the emotional, mental, and physical state of the participant, the programme has emerged as an invaluable utility in imparting a lasting increase of attention, self-control, as well as a reduction of negative and depressive emotional states within.

Redarmony’ remains a uniquely bespoke programme of personal development. Observing individual behaviour, reactions, and self-control whilst concomitantly taking into account one’s general lifestyle, Vladimir’s targeted approach allows for an exact harnessing of his expertise so as to intuitively tailor his course of dance therapy to ensure maximum gain whilst providing a parallel emphasis upon the intellectual, physical and wholesome holistic development of one’s person through dance.

The format of the programme is as listed below:

Minimum age of participants: 5 years old

Lesson Duration: 1 hour

Optimal mode of study: 2 sessions weekly.

Sessions may, per request, be conducted either in person or via an online medium such as Skype. The programme is also designed in such a way that its benefits may equally be enjoyed either through participation in a group or upon a one-to-one basis.

The key aims of the programme are defined as so:

1) Expansion of the sphere of awareness of one’s own body, its features, nuance and capability;

2) Development of an inherent foundation of self-confidence and self-esteem by the inculcation of a wholesome understanding of one’s unique bodily capability;

3) Stimulation of one’s individual creative potential and inherent artistic flair;

4) Reduction of aggression and harnessing frustration to be channelled into a lastingly disciplined focus.