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Angloslav regularly attends UCAS workshops to keep up-to-date with the best strategies for university application. This insider knowledge is invaluable for our students and can give them an advantage over their competitors for university places. We assist students with filling in their UCAS applications and ensure that all details included are correct.


Our staff help direct our students towards the predicted grades needed to achieve entry at a student’s university of choice. We keep in regular contact with students’ teachers to confirm that a student is working to his or her full academic potential. We support students in preparing to achieve their desired grades and provide them with exemplary academic coaches, who are graduates from elite universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. We communicate with teaching staff to guarantee that students’ references are personalised and showcase the features needed to strengthen a students’ application. This is particularly crucial for international students who often receive generic, non-personalised references.

Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement is an opportune learning moment for young people as it allows them evaluate their abilities as well as their desires for the future at a crucial juncture. We spend approximately a month working with each individual student on strategising his or her career path and writing their personal statement accordingly. Preparation for the personal statement can begin as early as at GCSE, when students are 14 or 15, through attendance of summer programmes and involvement in extracurricular activities. A student begins to build on this more thoroughly after the age of 16 and read texts outside of their classroom curricula and follow current affairs that are relevant to their chosen field of study. Angloslav runs workshops during the Autumn term on personal statement. During the personal statement workshop, students critically review their personal statements with the support of academic authorities and peer discussion. They receive detailed feedback on their initial personal essay drafts and develop strategies for improvement.


Angloslav provides students with experienced coaches to train them for the university interview process. Our coaches work with students in mock interviews to identify and overcome any weaknesses in communication. One of the highly beneficial techniques employed is recording students’ performances and analysing them afterwards to recognise and work through any faults they may have. Our staff also work with young people on their body language and posture. This is essential in order to make a strong first impression and radiate confidence in university and professional interviews. Angloslav runs workshops during the Autumn term on interview technique. These workshops involve instruction from education experts on communication, interpersonal and public speaking skills. Students also have the chance to take part in hour-long individual interviews with experienced tutors, who will present them with constructive criticism on their strengths and weaknesses.

Oxford and Cambridge Entry

We pay particular attention to students applying to Oxford and Cambridge as both universities have unique, rigorous application systems and begin preparation for Oxbridge entry up to four years in advance. In order to help students build an exceptional profile for university entry, Angloslav organises and places young people on skill-building courses: MLT (Motivational Leadership Training) and UNISET (University Selective Entry training). These training events include practice interviews with former Oxbridge tutors, teamwork activities and workshops on essential aspects of the UCAS application such as writing a striking personal statement.