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Writing a Personal Statement and CV is a great tool to motivate students to think critically about academic and personal skills that will increase their appeal to prestigious universities. Presenting themselves with confidence and clarity during interviews, structuring verbal responses and displaying emotional intelligence are all valuable skills that will be taught by our experienced team of professional trainers and tutors.

Motivational and Leadership Training (MLT), inspires students to start working earlier on their own strategy for future career goals. MLT helps participants to set up a personalised action plan towards getting a place at their dream University. GCSE and A-level students will learn from each other and get advice on how to tackle upcoming issues, discuss common mistakes and myths, in a fun and engaging environment.

Personal statement and CV Workshop
Oxbridge graduates and communication specialists will run interactive workshops on writing an engaging personal statement. Students will learn how to find their own unique voice and bring their experiences and ideas to life in a concise, interesting and memorable manner. By the end of the training students will have a first draft of their personal statement and CV.

Academic Interviews
Our professional interviewers will conduct intensive mock interviews, while our tutors will coach the students on answering challenging questions and how to turn an interview into an interesting conversation. Students will receive written and verbal feedback from the interviewers, which they can incorporate in their personal development plan.

Presentation skills workshop
The communication team, which includes an accomplished film director, will teach students to present themselves with confidence and clarity and how to remain comfortable and engaging while in the spotlight. We will review each student’s presentation style, identifying peculiarities that might distract the listeners or that may prevent the students from presenting themselves effectively. By practicing their ‘tell me about yourself’ monologue on camera, students will be given personalised advice on their communication skills.

As part of MLT, the participants form teams and each team gets to develop a conceptual Start- up. The teams have to present the Start-up to a panel of investors and are judged on the uniqueness of their idea; presentation style, financial viabilities and business plan structure. Start-up will help develop students’ analytical and research skills which are crucial for outstanding results in EP, now a requirement for many universities.

Fees include:

  • Accommodation in private villa (double rooms, 2 nights)
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and a team building BBQ
  • Elveden forest amenities
  • Sport activities: Cycling, Bowling
  • Individual analysis from Startup.
  • A 20 min video from the Mock interview.


Andrew Stead
Andrew is an Ex-head of European convertible bond trading at Goldman Sachs and now the founder of “the Daily Bread”. At Cambridge he read Management Studies and later taught finance and investment analysis. Andrew’s works with students on improving their work ethic whilst being happier and believes a fear of failing should be embraced and overcome in order to succeed.

Ben Loyd-Holmes
Ben Loyd-holmes is an expert educator in the areas of public speaking, confidence and body language, empowering clients and giving them the ability to cease opportunities and convey their ideas in a coherent and concise way. In addition, Ben is an award winning professional Film & Television actor, producer and writer living in London. In his acting career Ben has worked on Skyfall, Star Wars, Gladiator and Da Vinci’s Demons.

Oxbridge Entrance Director

Tom Fenton
Tom Fenton has over 6 years experience in enabling our students to successfully apply to some of the world’s most rigorously selective universities. Tom has a bachelor’s degree in History from Oxford University and a master’s in Law from City University. He often reminds his students, a degree from a top university is one of the best investments you can make.

Andrew F. Strangeway
Andrew holds a doctorate from Imperial College London where he studied the quantum Cohomology of Fano bundles. He won various student awards for achieving the best academic performance while studying for his Masters in Mathematics. He has extensive experience as a graduate teaching assistant at Imperial and has first hand experience with the university application process.