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Programme Outline

Motivational and Leadership Training (MLT) is a two-day course that inspires energy and enthusiasm in students. It is a combination of mentally challenging and physically  stimulating activities that focus on developing students’  strategic planning, visioning, priority settings and decision-making.

Through individual coaching and group workshops, we help young people, in all stages of their education, to articulate what motivates them, to explain who they are and what  they believe and deliver their message in a way that creates an emotional connection with their audience – essential life skills.

Our Aim 

Today, you are competing with most talented, proactive, creative people in the world. There are more young millionaires than ever before. What are they doing different? What can you do better?

If you intend to have an impact on the world, the faster you start developing concrete skills that will be useful in the real world the better. Your undergraduate degree is a great place to start however; it no longer helps you to differentiate from other people. Become a ‘double threat!’ Add practical and interpersonal skills to your undergraduate degree that will make you stand out from the global crowd.

The Process

Personal Development 

Identify the skills and talents through a series of team building and coaching exercises that you already have, and those that you need to acquire to succeed.

Learn how to approach difficult questions from a different angle to produce a compelling response and deal with the fear of not knowing the answers. Break down your Master Plan with feasible short-term goals and develop a follow through mentality to achieve success.

The Project

The participants will choose their team to develop a business idea. Their idea will be scrutinised by a panel of judges and the participants will have to preform in a high pressure environment.

The teams will be judged on the uniqueness of their idea, presentation style, financial viabilities, business plan structure. There are prizes available to the winning team.

The Outcome

Participants develop a personalised academic strategy to achieve their goal. Equipped with an authentic presentation style based on interviewers and coach feedback they will be able to create an emotional connections with their audience.

Skills You Will Gain

Stand Out

Universities and businesses pay attention to personality and attitudes as well as academic excellence of individuals. They are looking for people who can cope with the pace of change, demands, deadlines and general pressure. Students who attend the training have the opportunity to add a unique experience to their personal statement or CV. Which will make them stand out to admissions tutors and employers.

Inspired Creativity

Students will undergo a series of creativity stimulating exercises and will learn how to combine creativity with pragmatism in order to  become influential in business world.

Self Awareness Strategy

Students have fantastic ideas, goals and action plan. They will start to work on a project profusely, whether it’s getting A* in all four subjects, setting up a plan to get to Oxbridge, a new diet and getting into shape or starting a business. Sooner or later they will encounter a curve ball, which will put them off their desired path and they will lose their ambition to carry on.

These curve balls are unavoidable and happen to everyone at some point. It is important to develop a follow-through mentality from an early age so that large projects are not seen as daunting or ‘impossible’. We help students find their own strategy to carry on, to boost motivation when it fades away.