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American representative of Angloslav and Director of our company’s Los Angeles based Branch.

Natalia possesses 11 years of experience in the Foreign Relations arena, having formerly held the position of Deputy Head of the International Organizations Unit of the Parliament of Ukraine. There, in her official capacity, she was also a member of numerous official delegations of Parliamentary Assemblies to bodies such as the European Council, OSCE, NATO and the CIS, therein visiting 53 countries across the world.

Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish and English, Natalia earned a Master’s degree in English and Spanish languages, completing further studies in State Administration. A distinguished student with a profound knowledge of Child Psychology and Pedagogics, she also possesses experience in teaching elementary school pupils as well as university level students.

Alongside her professional accomplishments, Natalia is a former sports professional, and continues playing competitive tennis to this day, also enjoying in her spare time skiing and ice skating, in addition to horse riding and yoga.

After moving with her family to the United States, she undertook studies at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), therein, encountering challenges in the recognition of her foreign diploma by the American educational system whilst concomitantly adapting academically and culturally to her novel environment of study.

A mother of two children, Natalia has developed her personal approach for education and study based upon a mixture of her Ukrainian educational background, European work experience and American study and life expertise.

Studying in the United States in the company of the world’s largest international student population provides each student with a limitless horizon of educational opportunity, helping them to gain invaluable life experience, self-confidence, independence, and a rich array of cross-cultural skills. The unique Californian climate and incomparable multicultural ambience of Los Angeles, make a stay in the summer camps and schools of the region invaluable in the development of a given student’s future career path.