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The challenging path to university begins with GCSEs.

GCSEs and IGCSEs are particularly crucial as they are common courses taken by both British and international students, thus allowing for viable comparisons of candidates to be made in university admissions offices and beyond. Competition for places at the best universities grows increasingly fierce, further and further emphasis is being placed on students’ performances in secondary level education.

GCSE results have become ever more important when applying to British universities. With the reform of A level courses commencing on June 2016 have recently changed from a modular system of the course to a full 2 year course with the A level examination at the end of the completion of the whole two years course. (see the reform for more details)

Whereas previously universities could consider AS examination results when offering places to prospective students, they now have to rely on GCSE results first as an indication of academic ability. Thus the grades that your child achieves at GCSE will have a significant impact, not only on his or her Sixth Form choices, but also on university offers, as A level results are not published until the second week of August, a few weeks before the admission deadline to university.