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Established in 1993, AngloSlav Education has over 20 years of experience with British and US education systems. AngloSlav Education is an educational consultancy agency and from 2003 we extended our services, offering a wide range of bespoke advices to our clientele.

Our team is especially committed to excite young people, to find stimulation and enjoyment in academic challenges, and utilise every obstacle as a learning tool.

We inspire our students to dream with verve, ambition and imagination. AngloSlav maps out a practical path that will turn those dreams into a tangible life-experience.

We guide students and their entire family throughout their educational careers, identifying each student’s strength and weaknesses insuring they reach their highest career potential. Our core policy is to embrace the uniqueness of every young person that comes to us and develop their creative skill-sets that will enable them to thrive in a globalised, highly competitive world.

At the moment AngloSlav takes care of the students from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, France, Germany and More.

We are proud to have helped hundreds of students and parents achieve their academic and professional goals and we continue to keep close relationship with all of them.