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Specialist career advisors work with young people at Angloslav to understand their particular motivations and passions and how these can help shape their futures. Angloslav staff takes a personalised approach to place students in selective schools where their intellect and social skills will be nurtured effectively. With the help of Angloslav academic coaches, students can begin to work towards the outstanding grades they need to enter the university of their choice.

Personal development is emphasised, alongside academic development, during the Sixth Form period. Angloslav takes this into consideration in our conversations with young people and their families. We take into account students’ ambitions for the future but also their current work ethic and abilities, as well as parents’ desires.

We help students think about their present style of learning and how well suited they are to take on different workloads in Year 12 and 13. As we believe that every student has the capacity to achieve their goals by working hard and adapting to new situations, we counsel students on how to adjust their behaviour and actions to make their Sixth Form studies truly worthwhile.

Interpersonal and leadership skills are essential for successful university entry, particularly to leading universities such as Oxford and Cambridge which assign importance to candidates’ performances at interview. Angloslav realises this essential need and prepares students effectively for interviews life through courses such as Motivational Leadership Training (MLT). Participation on such training events boosts students’ chances of receiving successful university offers.

Motivational Leadership Training and classroom teamwork activities help students understand how to work with peers and where they fit in a team structure. Young people also learn which leadership styles they already embody and how to develop other kinds to suit different situations. This is excellent preparation for both university and professional life.