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Choosing between the limited number of subjects available at Sixth Form requires students to evaluate their particular strengths and weaknesses, and consider which areas they feel they are truly outstanding in. Teenagers today have access to information about people from all over the world. On social media websites, they may see people who they think are “perfect” in terms of talents and accomplishments. As a result, it’s easy for them to feel demoralised about their own abilities.

At Angloslav, we want students to pick subjects that they enjoy and sincerely feel that they can succeed in. We believe in giving students a sense of perspective and practicality during Years 12 and 13. Behind the editing and airbrushing, no one is truly “perfect”. It is better for students to understand that each individual has particular strengths that they should focus on developing in Sixth Form to help build the groundwork for a successful career. This will help them make intelligent, sensible subject choices for Sixth Form and cultivate ambitious but realistic goals that Angloslav’s academic coaches can help them work towards.

Our strategies include helping students select a combination of academic and vocational subjects that satisfy their individual passions as well as the desired and required subjects necessary for application to the UK’s most sought after universities and firms. We are aware of which are the best areas for students to pursue in the classroom through academic study and which work better as extracurricular activities. Our staff evaluate each student on an individual basis and advise them accordingly on how to satisfy both university admissions departments as well as their own academic and vocational interests.