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Angloslav aims to combine students’ intellectual interests with strong employability prospects. Qualifications in technical and science subjects, or a winning mix of arts and humanities subjects, can do this as such degrees develop students’ faculties for reasoning, problem solving and data processing.

Science and technology courses such as Engineering, Economics, Maths and Medicine help teach students technical skills that are valued in the job market.

For students with an inclination towards arts and humanities subjects, we advise them to pick degrees that will maximise their job opportunities.

For example, a young person with an interest in films may be guided towards the Film Studies and Law course at Queen Mary’s College, University of London.

Another student with an interest in Fine Art may be advised to consider Architecture, Graphic Communication or Product and Industrial Design courses to allow them to clearly chart out a professional path after their degree.

Some students may decide that they wish to apply to several different degrees that have some degree of similarity or relation, for example a Materials Science MEng at Oxford and a (Civil) Engineering BEng at University College London (UCL). We advise extreme caution in such cases as the UCAS system sends a uniform application to all five of a candidate’s prospective universities, meaning the same personal statement will have to be applied to different degrees.

The right undergraduate degree can be complimented with postgraduate study in well-regarded areas, such as business and management, creating an academic profile that is invaluable to premier firms and businesses. This is a crucial part of our long-term strategic approach that plans for young people’s future at every stage.