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The Interview

Students who are Oxbridge candidates will have to go through a vigorous interview process as part of their application. We prepare our students by conducting interviews with Oxbridge-graduates in their respective subjects. We have an enormous database of questions, which are annually updated to provide students with the most accurate experience. We help students to eradicate the feeling of fear of not knowing an answer, by showing them how to approach difficult questions from a different angle to produce a compelling response.


Students have the opportunity to meet former Oxbridge graduates and speak with them about the experiences they have had and to find out what they could be expecting. Students will have the opportunity to meet new peers who share many of the same ambitions creating a similar environment that students will experience in December. As well as the interview we help our students to develop portfolios, prepare for exams such as TSA and assistance with personal statements.


Students always leave with a boost in confidence which prepares students psychologically before they go into the real thing. Students also participate in a highly interactive communication session with Ben Loyd-Holmes learning to express themselves with more confidence. Students continue to use the interview skills and communication skills that they learn all throughout their lives building stronger relationships and portraying themselves as stronger and charismatic characters.